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How To Convert PDF Into Google Slides

Overview of Converting PDF to Google Slides

PDF documents are widely used due to their compatibility across various devices and operating systems, preserving the formatting of the original document. However, when it comes to presentations, Google Slides offers an interactive and collaborative platform that many users prefer. Converting a PDF into Google Slides allows for easier editing, updating, and presenting of information originally in a static PDF format. This conversion process enables individuals to leverage Google Slides’ features such as real-time collaboration, commenting, and seamless integration with other Google Workspace tools.

Benefits of Converting PDF to Google Slides

  • Editable Content: Once a PDF is converted to Google Slides, the content becomes editable, allowing for adjustments and customizations.
  • Interactive Presentations: Google Slides allows users to add animations, transitions, and interactive elements to enhance presentations.
  • Collaboration: Teams can collaborate on a single presentation in real-time, making it ideal for group projects and remote work.
  • Accessibility: Google Slides can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need for specialized software.
  • Integration: Easily integrate slides with other Google services like Google Drive and Google Classroom for streamlined workflows.

How to Convert PDF to Google Slides

Step 1: Open Google Drive

Sign in to your Google account and navigate to Google Drive at

Step 2: Upload PDF File

Click on the ‘+ New’ button on the left sidebar and select ‘File upload’. Choose the PDF file you wish to convert from your computer and upload it to your drive.

Step 3: Open with Google Slides

Once the PDF is uploaded, right-click on the file in Google Drive, hover over ‘Open with’, and select ‘Google Slides’.

Step 4: Adjust the Content

Google Slides will insert each page of the PDF as an image onto separate slides. You may need to adjust the content manually or add text boxes over the images if you want to edit the text.

Step 5: Save and Share

After making any necessary edits, you can save your new presentation by simply closing the tab — Google Slides saves automatically. You can also share your presentation by clicking on the ‘Share’ button in the top-right corner and entering email addresses or copying the shareable link.

Tips for a Smooth Conversion Process

  • If your PDF contains lots of text that you wish to edit within Google Slides, consider using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools to convert the PDF into an editable document before importing it into Google Slides.
  • For multi-page PDFs, you might find that splitting the PDF into individual pages first makes it easier to manage once in Google Slides.
  • Remember that complex formatting in PDFs may not transfer perfectly into Google Slides. Be prepared to spend some time adjusting the layout and design after conversion.

By following these steps and tips, you can effectively convert your PDF files into dynamic and interactive presentations using Google Slides, enhancing both your productivity and presentation capabilities.

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